ArckitPlay Cityscape+ 160 piece Architectural Model Kit (Case Pack of 4)

SKU CP10046

RRP: 69.00 each


(Case Pack of 4)

Blast off your creativity with Cityscape+. Design anything from your dream miniature city to your very own space rocket and launch pad. This model set includes warm pastel-coloured components and a variety of iconic shapes that combine different styles of world architecture. You can even add details such as Americian football and soccer stadiums, tennis and basketball courts, water and grass with the supplied 'cut-out' graphics. Ideal for aspiring architects and future urban designers!

  • 160+ components
  • 23 unique components
  • High quality reusable box
  • 2 x Component Trays
  • 4 x Blank Architexture sheets
  • 8 x Arckitexture cut-out props
  • Starter guide to master the basics
  • Free access to Arckitexture Library and Arckit Digital
  • Add-on components available
  • Package Dimensions: 340mm x 220mm x 60mm
  • Age: 5+

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