ArckitPlay LITTLE Architect 130 piece Architectural Model Kit (Case Pack of 4)

SKU CP10055

RRP: 59.00 each


(Case Pack of 4)

LITTLE Architect introduces children 4 years of age and upwards to the wonderful world of modern architectural design and building forms. Explore your very own colourful miniature environments with a selection of pastel coloured components and an array of iconic architectural shapes to truly spark your imagination. 
Build fantastic skyscrapers and bustling streets to anything you envisage your creations to represent. You can use the coloured floor tiles to represent grass, roads, water and lots more. Imagine It. Build It!


  • 130+ components
  • 32 unique components
  • High quality reusable box
  • Starter guide to master the basics
  • Free access to Arckitexture Library and Arckit Digital
  • Add-on components available
  • Package Dimensions: 300mm x 220mm x 60mm
  • Age: 4-7

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