Arckit Sports Stadium Volume 2 (Case Pack of 3)

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(Case Pack of 3)

The World’s 1st Multi-Stadium Model Building Kit

Sports and sporting events are such an important part of all our lives whether we are playing or supporting our favourite teams. So, we’ve decided to create The World’s first Multi-Sports Stadium Building Kits called Arckit Sports. Now everyone can design their very own theatre of dreams or create a miniature stadium representation of their favourite local, college, or professional team.


Arckit Sports Volume 2 


Arckit Sports vol. 2 introduces the fascinating world of architecture and stadium design to fans of arena sports including Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Gymnastics, Boxing.


The kit comes with a series of field cards depicting you favourite sports and an array of stickers to complete your builds or why not customise your design with you own stickers and props. 

Build anything from open-air, enclosed and semi-enclosed stadiums to an interactive stadium  where you can also slot in your cell phone and truly bring your stadium to life with 2D animations available via or by watching live action sporting events and playing your favourite sports games.  Volume 2 includes Curved Outer Wall components to enable a smooth, modern finish typical of many contemporary stadium designs.


Kit contents:

  • 235+ Arckit ‘freeform' components to enable multiple stadium builds
  • Set of field cards for 6 different sports
  • Sticker pack (audience, TV screen, score boards, sports crests, sports equipment and sports figures)
  • Comprehensive step-by-step instruction booklet with 5 different stadium designs to get you started
  • Reusable storage box
  • Fun 2D online sports field animations available from

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